Care and Maintenance

The best care you can give your concrete is preventative care. By following a few suggestions, your piece will last a lifetime and retain its appearance.

What should I use to clean it?

When cleaning your concrete always think simple. Use only plain soap or mild dish soap, a terry towel and warm water. Natural non-abrasive cleaners are also an option; however most .green. products contain vinegar that is harmful to the concrete.s sealer so make sure to read the ingredients before trying out a new product. Stay clear from abrasive cleaners like Ajax, Windex, Formula 409, and Simple Green.

What do I need to do to avoid staining?

All of the pieces that leave the Concrete Craftsman studio are treated with a sealant making the concrete water and stain resistant. However stain resistant does not mean stain proof. The sealer is meant to give you time to remove a potential staining agent from the surface. When caring for your piece watch out for acids such as red wine, vinegar, perfume, hair products, and lemon juice which can etch the surface of your piece if left for an extended period of time. Do not leave items on the concrete with moisture or other liquids trapped underneath (i.e. Soap pumps, coffee machine etc.).

What can I do to help maintain the finish?

Routine upkeep will result in a long life for your piece. For items that you intend to have on your piece permanently, we recommend adding some small furniture pads to avoid scuff marks and scratches. Do not drag hard items across the concrete. Use cutting boards and place mats. Wax your piece periodically, or when you notice it is not beading water. Use the finest steel wool to remove scuffs and scratches and then reapply some wax to the affected area. If/when you eventually wear through the acrylic coating, simply reapply it in many small coats and follow it by steel wool and wax. We are more than happy to help you work through this simple process.